R&R Railroad 18" gauge near Emmett, Idaho

Photos of the infamous R&R Railroad near Emmett, Idaho.  New pictures of the recent addition of two mine work cars!


R&R railroad yard

R&R Railroad engine house

Another view of engine house

Track to main line

Mine car train made up and ready to head out to main

Another view of the battery mine loco and mine cars

Engineer and 'assistants' ready to high ball down the main

Heading to the downgrade on the main line

Heading out to the end of track

Finally at end of track

Uncoupling mine cars at end of track

Early mine loco picture after recovery from abandon mine

Another view of battery loco before restoration

Another view of mine loco before restoration

The wheels look a little 'crusty'!

New work car on R&R railroad!

Another view of the two new work cars

Both new (original mine cars) behind the Atlas mine loco

Another view of the mine cars with tie material loaded on them

Another view of mine cars and Atlas mine loco

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