Sumpter Valley #100 restoration project

page last updated:  August 15, 2006

On March, 3rd 2001 the first work party was held at Yanke Machine shop to start the restoration work on narrow gauge locomotive #100.  This locomotive is a Whitcomb locomotive built in 1929 (serial #13013).  Locomotive #100 was bought brand new for the Sumpter Valley Railway in 1930.  At some point in time #100 was sold to the J.R. Simplot corporation in Idaho and converted to standard gauge.  According to our current information there was reports of seeing this locomotive in service at the J.R. Simplot plant in Caldwell, Idaho in the mid 1980's.  If anyone has any more detailed or additional information on this locomotive please let me know.

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Current photos of #100, taken on August, 2006.  Note new coupler pockets and finished interior also!




Photos of #100 on 8/9/2005

Sumpter Valley #100 restoration team hard at work on August 8th 2002.

svry100team1.jpg (63419 bytes)

Below is a photo that was located of the #100 in Baker City in 1931 while still in service for the Sumpter Valley Railway:

100_in_Baker_1931.jpg (156752 bytes)

Pictures of SVRY #100 after arrival at Yanke machine shop in Boise, Idaho.

100a.jpg (92432 bytes)  100b.jpg (80831 bytes)  100d.jpg (90430 bytes)  

100e.jpg (83050 bytes)  100f.jpg (68455 bytes)  100g.jpg (85016 bytes)


Pictures of the first work party:

svr100a.JPG (134394 bytes)

View after removal of add on running board

svr100b.JPG (133827 bytes)

Front view of locomotive after removing add on running board

svr100c.JPG (104865 bytes)

Removal of brake rigging for outside wheel sets

cabview1.JPG (175084 bytes)

Inside view of Cab

cabview2.JPG (189773 bytes)

Another inside view of the Cab

View of the six cylinder climax engine

caburator.JPG (174138 bytes)

Carburetor on engine

axleout.JPG (154523 bytes)

Front axle out

halfway1.JPG (144349 bytes)

Side view with front axle out

halfway2.JPG (155507 bytes)

Another side view with front axle out

backaxle.JPG (173601 bytes)

Underside view of rear axle

noaxles1.JPG (141795 bytes)

Side view after removal of both axle assemblies

noaxles2.JPG (147034 bytes)

Another side view after removal of both axle assemblies

Below are some pictures of the 2nd work party held on March 17, 2001 - Work performed was general clean up of engine/cab, draining of oil, and draining of transmission fluid. 

DSCN0413.JPG (84108 bytes)

Engine plate on the locomotive engine (R16 Climax engine)

DSCN0414.JPG (70030 bytes)

Carburetors wrapped up ready to clean the engine

DSCN0416.JPG (89051 bytes) 

Inside cab view showing the air compressor in center of photo

DSCN0417.JPG (95688 bytes)

Another view of cab inside view 

Below are some pictures of the 3rd work party held on March 31st, 2001 - Work performed was removal of air compressor and main air tank, removal of engine water pump, removal of carburetors, removal of batteries and freeing up the transmission.

DSCN0475.JPG (83850 bytes)

Air tank in cab after removal - it is thought that this was a add on item added by SVRy

DSCN0476.JPG (101793 bytes)

Another view of air tank after removal

DSCN0477.JPG (86337 bytes)

Air compressor in the process of removal - note that the battery box and batteries were removed from the right side of the compressor

DSCN0478.JPG (87853 bytes)

Removing the chain drive to the compressor so that the compressor can be removed for rebuild

DSCN0479.JPG (51923 bytes)

Inside cab view after cleanup and removal of air tank and compressor (the starting fluid can dated from 1963 was found under the air tank)

DSCN0480.JPG (98513 bytes)

Air compressor location after removal of compressor - really needs a steam clean job!

DSCN0481.JPG (78099 bytes)

Air compressor ready to be hauled away.  The compressor seemed to be in real good shape and turned over by hand after being removed.

Below are some pictures of the 4th work party held on April 14, 2001 - Work performed was steam cleaning of engine, removing cab floor boards and working on clutch.

DSCN0508.JPG (195917 bytes)

A couple of eager workers!

DSCN0509.JPG (151361 bytes)

Steam cleaner ready for action

DSCN0510.JPG (152222 bytes)

Steam cleaning the cab out.

DSCN0511.JPG (179233 bytes)

Steam cleaning of engine area.

DSCN0512.JPG (183775 bytes)

Interior after steam cleaning.

DSCN0515.JPG (234024 bytes)

Another view of interior after cleaning.

DSCN0516.JPG (134848 bytes)

Further engine compartment cleaning.

DSCN0517.JPG (218417 bytes)

A good view of the electrical system on this locomotive.  It looks to be highly modified from the original setup. 

DSCN0518.JPG (269757 bytes)

Yes we can now confirm it is a Climax engine!

DSCN0519.JPG (210790 bytes)

This engine had a wood beam supported cab floor and wood paneled interior, something you do not see in most diesel or gasoline engines!

The most recent work party was held on April 28, 2001 - work performed was further clean up of engine, testing of brake system, and removal of coupler pockets.

DSCN0523.JPG (674079 bytes)

Rebuilt and painted air compressor ready for reinstallation in locomotive.

DSCN0524.JPG (681424 bytes)

Another view of the rebuilt air compressor.

DSCN0525.JPG (690613 bytes)

A close up of the electrical ignition system.

DSCN0526.JPG (687273 bytes)

Another view of the electrical ignition system.

DSCN0527.JPG (661585 bytes)

Air brake controls in cab of locomotive.  This is a westinghouse automatic air brake control model H6 with a 6C air charging system..

DSCN0528.JPG (631849 bytes)

Another view of air brake.  The brakes were tested with air and did work!  However, due to some minor leaks new gaskets will need to be installed. 

DSCN0529.JPG (653923 bytes)

Removal of front coupler and pocket.

DSCN0530.JPG (667807 bytes)

Removal of rear coupler and pocket.


Photos of #100 taken on 1/19/2002:

DSCN1034.jpg (120892 bytes) DSCN1037.jpg (133395 bytes) DSCN1038.jpg (122844 bytes)

DSCN1039.jpg (225314 bytes) DSCN1040.jpg (140619 bytes) DSCN1041.jpg (172188 bytes)

DSCN1042.jpg (130493 bytes)

  Heads are off the engine.  Engine is being cleaned up, painted and repaired from the many years of neglect.  Still plenty of work to do.

august8.jpg (65289 bytes)

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