The following page is following the construction of a G scale model railroad build for Thomas the Tank Engine week on Idaho Northern and Pacific Railroad in Emmett, Idaho.  The model railroad layout was a joint effort by Courtenay Enterprises and Jitterjunction.  Click on a thumbnail photo for a larger image.  The railroad overall size is approximately 8' x 16' with three levels of track to allow the running of three trains at once.


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From design to run the layout took about one week.  The above photos of the layout in assembly were done over a weekend time period.  After everything was fitted into place the roadbed was painted a brown color.  There will be wire mesh covered with sod and small live trees to finish the landscape.  There also will be several rocks to simulate a dry river bed.  


The following photos were taken on Tuesday evening 6/18 upon setup of the model railroad on site.  It is beginning to take shape!!

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And finally we have a completed railroad!  The following group of pictures were taken on Wednesday 6/19.  There are still a couple of pieces of sod and some trees that need to be put in place.  See you all in Emmett, Idaho!!!

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